Top 8 things to know when ordering from DPPS

Number 8

Our talented CSRs compiled a list of common questions they receive from customers placing orders in our new WebCRD ordering system. Here’s the “Top Eight” list of things to know:

  1. Check your art for Crops and Bleeds if needed! We commonly get artwork submitted without the bleeds generated correctly. See our File Prep page for more information…
  2. Start with Upload and Print for most of your orders. This allows you to send us your print file AND fill out the related paperwork.
  3. Provide a UNIQUE Order Name. We commonly see people name their order with “brochure” or some other vague naming. If you are more specific here, it will help us and also make searching your order history easier and more efficient later on.
  4. Fill in the Quantity. The quantity box is right at the top of the order form, and people commonly overlook this as they navigate the form. Start with this and you’ll be doing great!
  5. Check/Modify the Due Date field. The order form has a sentence under the Pickup and Delivery section that pre-fills in with a date based on standard turnaround times for average jobs. Please edit this date with your ACTUAL due date by clicking on the small calendar image, giving us as much time as possible to meet your deadline. Remember to also choose delivery or pickup at either of our locations.
  6. Preview/Change Options. This is where you can select the paper, print, and bindery options for your project, and preview the changes in real-time. The most commonly overlooked setting is changing Output from B/W (the default) to Color when you want full-color printing. You can also change the default production settings in your account if you commonly order similar things.
  7. Enter Special Instructions. This field is your place to type any clarifying information you need for our CSRs and production staff. Tell us the final trim size when necessary, describe if the fold is ‘copy out’ or ‘in,’ etc.; explain things that our general menus didn’t cover, and we’ll make sure it gets done right.
  8. Search for your Billing Code. You can search for a portion of your billing code or the entire string—Click on the top red box “Lookup.” In the top box, enter your 6-digit department ID and hit “search” to narrow down the list and select your funding string. If your code is not listed, enter TEMP in the second box (DPPS Code) and select “TEMP —  — WebCRD temporary c” as your funding, and then manually enter the information below in the selected menus so we can get your funding added to the system for future orders.

Still have questions?

Please contact our customer service office if you need any assistance using our WebCRD ordering system. DPPS retired our old Rocket Print order system back on January 13th.  All features from our old Rocket Print ordering system are available in the new WebCRD ordering system with many newer enhancements.

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