DPPS has numerous products and services. We have an Online Store for placing print orders. Our storefront has the ability to provide departments and groups with their own category for a customized list of their print projects. This category can be public or secured down to the individual level.

Contact DPPS with any questions or technical support.

DPPS Online Store

DPPS Storefront

The digital storefront for Digital Publishing and Printing Services contains the majority of our products and services.

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Badger Accessibility Services (BAS)

The Badger Accessibility Services is a web-based accessibility resource center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. We provide services for creating accessible audio and text documents for colleges and universities across the country.

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Click here to login to the Online Conversion Request System. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our service. Our standard business hours are 8 AM – 4:30 PM CST weekdays. BAS is also available via e-mail at bas@mailplus.wisc.edu.


The following list of KnowledgeBase help documents will provide more detailed instructions and information on the Ordering process at DPPS.

DPPS KnowledgeBase Help Documents

  1. DPPS – Sending files to DPPS DropBox

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