Mailings over 200 pieces and Non-Profit Mail Services:

United Mailing Services (UMS) currently holds a mail contract with the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration. UMS provides similar services to those that were available through UW-Madison Bulk Mail. These services are currently available to UW-Madison customers who have set up a contract standing order with UMS in ShopUW+.

For help setting up new standing orders with UMS, please see ShopUW+ support. Here you will find links to request ShopUW+ Shopper Skills training as well as a quick reference guide for use in navigating the process.

Once you have set up a standing order through ShopUW+ please contact Tom Diring for assistance with your upcoming mailing. We ask that you communicate with both UMS and DPPS when scheduling all print and mail projects. DPPS and UMS work closely together to ensure your project deadlines are met.UMS Non-profit Indicia

Download UMS’s Non-Profit Indicia in PDF format here:

UMS Contact:

Tom Diring
General Manager-Madison
United Mailing Services, Inc.

3006 Progress Road
Madison, WI 53716

608-237-3180 direct
608-225-3099 cell

First-Class Mail Services less than 200 mail pieces:

UW-Madison FP&M Mail Service provides services such as First-Class metering, outgoing packages, international shipping, and Business Reply Mail.

Please contact Bryan Summ ( with questions.