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As the UW–Madison campus begins to reopen under the Smart Restart plan, we want to encourage all members of the campus community to do their part in following health protocols and guidelines, including physical distancing, wearing face coverings, properly cleaning spaces, handwashing, and more. You can help students and employees in your workspace stay safe with cost-free signage promoting campus guidelines and expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Smart Restart Self-Service Sign Shop provides premade signs in signage bundles and individual sign orders. All costs are covered by central campus. If you have questions or requests for a customized sign, please please send an email to

Training on space modifications will be coming in the next couple weeks for facility and building managers.

Cleaning Protocols;
Conference Room Etiquette;
Don’t Move Furniture;
Handwashing Steps;
Interior Entrance “Help Keep Campus Healthy and Safe”;
Keep Right;
Kitchen-Breakroom Etiquette;
Physical Distancing;
Symptom Tracker;
Water Fountain;

Public Health Protocols

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    The following items are being provided at no cost to departments, schools, colleges, and units. Please coordinate within your unit to determine who will place signage orders. Signs include campuswide public health and clearning protocols, physical distancing floor decals, symptom tracking, and guidelines for handwashing, conference rooms, kitchens/breakrooms, and water fountains. We are also working on best practices for installing signage.
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Facilities Planning & Management requests that departments use adhesive command strips to affix signage in order to minimize damage to paint and plaster. DPPS will include command strips with signage orders placed through the online store (center one strip approximately an inch below the top of the sign and center another strip approximately one inch from the bottom). Command strips can also be ordered through Shop@UW if you are creating your own custom signs.

Guidance and instruction on signage is available at FP&M also created a compendium of sample room layouts for reference on sign placement:

Physical Plant will provide and hang the public health protocol signage designated for major entrances of campus buildings. They will also provide and hang elevator signage.


Don’t see what you need here? Email questions or requests to